The HRT system has been developed by an Australian wheat farmer who recognised the need for a simple mechanical weed management solution through depositing the chaff on top of the straw instead of underneath.    

The system has been developed over a period of 16 years, involving several prototypes and continuous testing along the way to ensure durability and reliability.   The unit has been successfully used in the harvesting of all cereals and many legumes with no adjustments or modifications required.

The unit is a certified and approved attachment to a New Holland header, and has patent approved.

​​The HRT Product 

The HRT unit can be fitted to a new or used New Holland header without reducing capacity.

The HRT system;

  • creates a barrier between straw and chaff waste after discharge from the header
  • employs a chute for catching, directing and depositing the chaff waste on top of the straw waste
  • uses a trough as a means for catching, transporting and depositing the chaff waste on top of the straw waste

The running costs of the HRT unit are extremely low because there are minimal wearing parts.

Significantly less horsepower is required to run the HRT unit which reduces fuel costs during operation by directing more horsepower towards threshing and cleaning.